Our mission is to use the strengths and interests of our patients to improve the areas of need they present. Providing a quality service, individualized, based on scientific evidence and focused on the patient. We offer evaluations and therapies for:


We offer speech therapies, language therapies, articulation, understanding, morphology, syntax, pragmatics, auditory processing and cognition.

Early Intervention

We provide therapies for 0-3-year-olds to preemptively stimulate Child Development and therapy to develop speech-language skills, social communication and dysphagia.

Reading & Writing

We use the Orton-Gillingham method to develop reading and writing skills. We offer therapies for fluency, decoding, prosody, understanding, writing, letter formation and all reading and writing-related skills. We are the only center in Puerto Rico with Speech-Language Pathologist trained in this method. We are specialists in dyslexia, dysgraphia and discalaculia.


We offer therapies to work on motor and sensory dysphagia. Children with motor dysphagia often limit their diet to a handful of foods and refuse to taste new textures, flavors, and food consistencies.


We offer specialized therapies for people with Autism Spectrum Disorders. We develop speech and non-verbal skills, language, academic skills, social and eating skills.


Orton-Gillingham was the first teaching approach, specially designed to help children with difficulty reading, through explicit teaching of the connections between letters and sounds.The first step is to evaluate the student to determine his reading skills, as well as his or her skills and limitations.

It is the prevalent and most effective method for remediation in students with difficulty in linguistic processing known as reading disorder and writing disorder.

It is based on systematic instruction at levels from the simplest to the most complex. It begins with phonetic concepts; and syllable and word patterns are presented in a multisensory form.

Multisensory strategies are the most effective in helping students access their left hemisphere, create new neural connections, progress, and experience academic success, as well as developing their full potential.


We offer specialized therapies for the population with Apraxia. We develop speech and non-verbal skills, language, academic skills, social and eating skills.

Auditory Processing

We work with motor and sensory aspects. Besides, we work in therapy.:

  • Articulation: phonetic inventory, motor oral mechanism, apraxia and phonological processes.
  • Expressive language: morphology, syntax, semantics, sentence construction, vocabulary, narrating sequences, answering and asking questions.
  • Receptive language: follow instructions, hearing processing, compare and contrast, reading comprehension etc.
  • Pragmatic: visual contact, communication skills, indirect language and communication functions.

Workshops for Teachers

Teacher workshops are customized and focused on the needs of the school and its teachers. The main topics we offer are:

  • Specific Learning Disorders
  • How to identify and work learning difficulties in the classroom
  • Behavior management strategies
  • What are reasonable accommodations? How can we provide them in the lounge individually and as a group?
  • Development of reading and writing skills using the Orton-Gillingham method
  • Development of reading comprehension skills

Simple Assessments

Simple assessments are short tests used to confirm or rule out difficulties in the skills expected in children according to the stages of development. We provide speech-language, academic skills and auditory processing for students enrolled at preschool and kindergarten levels. For more information, you can contact us. Contact us