Focus Program


Focus Program improves body integration, mental focus and care. When working with children who are difficult to care about sometimes it is difficult to determine if the difficulty is caused by an auditory processing problem, an ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) because of the inability to remain still or A combination of these factors. This program is designed to work these three areas.

In Focus Program we use the iLs program to stimulate the vestibular system, the parasympathetic system, the vagus nerve and the subcortical cerebral regions to develop the concentration, communication, organization, physical regulation and self control. It also helps regulate sleep patterns to reduce anxiety and increase attention. The program is designed for the child to receive three to four weekly sessions at the center combined with home activities.

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder is a disorder that makes it extraordinarily difficult for children to concentrate on homework, pay attention, be quiet, and control impulsive behavior. There are three types of attention deficit disorder:

  • Attention deficit with hyperactivity
  • Attention Deficit Type inattentive
  • Attention Deficit combined type

The iLs program of concentration and attention emphasizes the lowest frequencies since the beginning of the program, which are combined with bone conduction to improve vestibular function. The rest of the program emphasizes the highest frequencies to reinforce the ability to maintain focus and attention.

The iLs Therapeutic program includes:

  1. Concentration and Attention Program
  2. Sensory and Motor Program
  3. Linguistic-cognitive therapies specialized in the development of attention, self-control, planning and completion of tasks.

Focus Program works with the following symptoms:

  • Concentration: Stay on a task for longer periods of time.
  • Communication: Pay attention to conversations and important information.
  • Organization: Planning and completing tasks.
  • Physical regulation: Increase self-control.
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